A Letter from JFT President Kesler Camese-Jones

Administrators have heard from us, now they also need to hear from you.

To those of you who have taken the time to express your views, we thank you. We listen closely to our members and take the views of all our members into consideration. You are JFT.


Join Us for a Virtual Meeting about Back-to-School

This week, the School Board decided to delay schools by a few days to address safety protocols around reopening. We are asking you to join us for an urgent meeting to discuss all the outstanding questions and concerns within your schools. We will hold 17 school-specific, virtual meetings.

Below you will see the time slot for your school. Please register here* and we will send you the information to join the meeting.

*You must register by 8 P.M. the night before your meeting is scheduled. We will only send you the login information after verifying your membership.


Reopening Schools: Survey Results



LFT has conducted a comprehensive survey to evaluate the concerns of educators and community members with regards to schools reopening later this summer. LFT received responses from nearly 15,000 teachers, support staff, parents, students and concerned community members regarding the reopening of schools. The survey was conducted electronically between June 30-July 10, 2020 and distributed widely through various online platforms.


JFT Summer Newsletter

Summer 2020 Update

2020-2021 Employment Update

During the spring of this school year, schools received their projected staffing allocations for the upcoming school year. That meant gains at some schools and eliminations at others. While most Teacher based employees were able to secure positions in other locations, we still have some support employees who have not reached mutual consent.