Committee votes to protect injured teachers!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Senate Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations unanimously deferred HB 165 on May 25.

Thank the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee!
The committee's unanimous vote to defer HB 165 was a show of support for teachers who are injured on the job by students. Please click here and thank members for their vote!

Today (May 25) the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee showed us that they appreciate the dangers that teachers sometimes face as they serve our children.

A bill was proposed (HB 165) that would have changed the current law that entitles teachers who are injured by students to their full salary while they are disabled or recuperating.

The bill was approved by the House Education Committee and the House of Representatives. But after hearing our arguments against the bill, members of the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee voted unanimously to defer it. That means it is dead for this session and will not proceed any further.

We appreciate the members of the committee for showing that they care about the livelihood of teachers who dedicate their lives to our children!