How Is Your School After Ida?

Let Us Know.

You have recently received communication from the district regarding some of the school buildings requiring minor repairs and attention. While some may view these repairs as minor, we understand that many of you are seeing extensive damage that would be a safety concern or a hinderance to learning.


September Update: After Hurricane Ida

JFT, along with other locals affected by Hurricane Ida, will work with our state affiliate, the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, on a comprehensive plan to request a waiver of instructional minutes for this school year, as many are in the process of rebuilding their homes and lives. We believe, first and foremost, an emphasis should be placed on the social emotional needs of our students and their families in order for any type of instruction to be effective.  


How Has Hurricane Ida Impacted You?

Our hearts go out to all of you in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. We know that educating students during a pandemic has been difficult enough; and now we have experienced a devastating natural disaster. The school system is continuing to assess the safety of each building to ensure that they are conducive for teaching and learning. At this time all schools are closed until further notice.


JFT Update: August 16, 2021

Back to School Survey
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Student Debt Clinic
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Welcome Back to a New School Year!

We want to welcome back all employees of Jefferson Parish! It felt like the summer would never come, and now we are preparing for a new school year! We hope you spent some quality time with family and friends for some much-needed rest and rejuvenation after the most difficult year in living history.
We have been hard at work over the summer, negotiating a Collective Bargaining Agreement that is guaranteed for the next 3 years, with language that has been added for the first time in six years. We are also excited to present several new and returning JFT member committees.