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Will You Join us in Calling for Rafidi to Step Down?

Will You Join Us in Calling for Newly-Appointed School Board Member Rafidi to Step Down?

The Jefferson Federation of Teachers is calling for the resignation of newly-appointed School Board member Rafael Rafidi.
Mr. Rafidi was appointed to the Board on Wednesday evening to replace Larry Dale, who resigned his seat on the board at the end of last year. Since Mr. Rafidi’s appointment, controversial statements he has made on social media have come to light that have raised serious concerns about his judgement, his qualifications, and his ability to serve on the Jefferson Parish School Board. Thankfully, the School Board at large has realized their mistake and called for Mr. Rafidi to resign as well, but he currently remains a sitting school board member.
Mr. Rafidi's statements online demonstrate a brash temper and an unwillingness to work with people who disagree with him. His profanity-laced comments and disgraceful condemnation of teachers as a whole, is not an opinion that should be associated with our district. This does not reflect the spirit of collaboration that we work to instill in our students and does not align with our values as educators. We call on Mr. Rafidi to resign his seat on the board immediately.

Will you join us and add your name to this petition calling for his resignation?

This debacle could have been avoided with a more transparent and inclusive vetting process. We hope that the remaining school board members will more actively engage community stakeholders and district constituents as they consider a suitable replacement. In the meantime, it is important that Mr. Rafidi removes himself from his position on the School Board so that our educators can focus on their students without feeling that their profession and integrity is under attack.