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JFT Update: October 13, 2021

JFT Update

October 13, 2021

From the Lawyer's Desk

Larry Samuel, JFT General Counsel

What should you do when your principal or supervisor approaches you and says you are required to get a drug or alcohol screening? It's a scary situation for anyone to be in and if you're a union member, the first thing you should do is call the union office. The school board, as a public employer, does have the right to require you to get a drug and/or alcohol screening, but only in certain circumstances. The main circumstance is if they believe you are impaired; you are showing visible signs of impairment from drug or alcohol use, but they can't just randomly test you without a reason. Learn more in this video from JFT General Counsel Larry Samuel.

American Federation of Teachers

Poll: AFT members are 90% vaccinated

Fresh polling of American Federation of Teachers members has revealed the vast majority—90 percent—are vaccinated. And fully 2 in 3 K-12 members support vaccination mandates. A survey conducted by Hart Research Associates shows that 67 percent of K-12 members favor a requirement that all school employees be vaccinated unless they have a valid medical or religious exemption and that 73 percent support requiring vaccines or a weekly COVID-19 test. A separate poll of the full membership shows 9 out of 10 report being vaccinated and another 3 percent either have a vaccination appointment or say they will likely get vaccinated.

Mold Survey

Member Benefits


Make sure you are taking advantage of your exclusive member benefits! You can find your AFT member ID # -- and some great savings – on the AFT members-only page. A look up function has been added to make it easy.

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Know your CBA

Article IX Teachers as Substitutes

During the period of this Agreement, the District will compensate teachers at a rate of $17.50 per hour in 30-minute increments at any time that a teacher is required to cover a class during their planning period.
Special Note: Teacher Supplies: Due to the impact of Hurricane Ida, teachers are allowed to be reimbursed the full $200 for teaching supplies in the first semester. This amendment is only valid for the current school year (2020-2021).

General Membership Meeting

Thursday, October 28, 2021