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JFT Update: December 21, 2020

JFT Update

December 21, 2020



By: Larry Samuel, JFT General Counsel

JFT members have asked excellent questions about how the school district is supposed to handle certain situations involving COVID-19. This is the second of a series of articles responding to the questions. If you have additional questions, email:
How are we supposed to keep our facilities clean? Our maintenance staff is already pretty strained?
RESPONSE: Each school should have a well-established protocol.
RECOMMENDATION: Speak with administrator to determine what protocols have been established. If the protocol isn’t being followed, or if the protocol isn’t adequate, report this on the JFT reporting form on the JFT website.
Who is supposed to take our temperature?
RESPONSE: Each school establishes its own protocol. Certain persons have received training.
RECOMMENDATION: If there is no protocol, or if the protocol isn’t being followed, report this on the JFT reporting form on the JFT website.
If other things have happened since an original form was sent in with the issues, yet the issue remains unresolved, do you prefer another form or an email update?
RESPONSE: Use the JFT reporting form and denote that the issue has not been resolved.

JFT Nominations and Elections

The election of JFT Officers and Members-At-Large for the JFT Executive Council will be held in April 2021, in accordance with the Jefferson Federation of Teachers Nominations and Elections Procedure, revised December 6, 1996. Nominations for the positions noted above will take place at the JFT General Membership meeting in March 2021. The date and time of the meeting will be determined after consultation with the JFT Nominations and Elections Committee.

In order to be eligible to vote in the upcoming election, teachers, paraprofessionals and school related personnel must be a member of JFT by January 1, 2021. Members of the Nominations and Elections Committee were approved at the December 2020 General Membership Meeting.

AFT President Randi Weingarten Responds to Congressional Agreement on the Latest Round of COVID-19 Relief

WASHINGTON—American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten issued the following statement after congressional negotiators reached a deal on coronavirus relief:
“While this deal is both too late and not perfect, it is a necessary lifeline that we support. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and others’ refusal to help address the needs of states and localities, which have been America’s frontline since COVID-19 erupted, is a bitter pill.
“Since the pandemic took hold in early March, 8 million more people in the United States have been plunged into poverty. Demand at food banks is up 60 percent. Millions of Americans remain unemployed, and as healthcare workers face unprecedented COVID-19 cases, educators work around the clock to meet the needs of their students, all while facing diminished state budgets, chaotic safety protocols and increased concerns about vaccine and testing availability.
“And with the life-sustaining benefits provided by the CARES Act set to expire, it’s not a moment too soon. If passed, this emergency aid would invest much-needed resources into our public schools for testing, cleaning, PPE, ventilation upgrades and other safety guardrails, as well as baseline budget appropriations of $16.5 billion for Title I and $14.1 billion for special education, so educators can help address the social and emotional well-being and academic needs of their students.
“These resources are vital to reopening school buildings safely—and, in turn, to help get people back to work safely as well. As we wait for the Biden-Harris administration to take charge of recovery efforts and continue our work to secure more funding for our cities, states and communities, Congress should pass this critical relief to ease the suffering of America’s families.”

News from Baton Rouge

Louisiana Federation of Teachers

Academic Calendar
Some school districts are struggling to meet the state-wide instructional minutes requirements this year. Many districts started late to ensure proper time to ensure compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols. On top of that, we missed multiple days due to storms during what was one of the most active hurricane seasons in a generation. This has caused many districts to lengthen the year or take away planned time off, adding to the stress and burnout that teachers and support staff are already feeling multiple times over.
If you feel that your district should qualify for a waiver to the instructional-minutes requirement for the 2020-2021 school year, you can use this form to submit your request to Superintendent Brumley and BESE. Keep in, however, that your local school district must submit a request to the state before a waiver can be granted.

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Save the Date

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Hope you have a safe and restful Winter Break! We will see you in 2021!