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How Is Your School After Ida?

JFT Update

September 17, 2021

How Is Your School After Ida?

Let Us Know.

You have recently received communication from the district regarding some of the school buildings requiring minor repairs and attention. While some may view these repairs as minor, we understand that many of you are seeing extensive damage that would be a safety concern or a hinderance to learning.

We agree. The students’ learning environment is your working environment. JFT staff visited Tier 1 Schools, today, and observed the conditions of some of our campuses; and many of these repairs appear to be far from minor.
While some campuses we have visited appear to be ready for students, there are some that still require extensive repairs. If you have returned to your school site, please take a few minutes to tell us about the condition of your school. Click here to take a brief survey.

Instructional Minutes Update

In our last update, we provided the law which governs instructional minutes for students in the State of Louisiana (Louisiana Law RS 17:154.1). BESE and State Superintendent, Dr. Cade Brumley, have the authority to waive the instructional minutes requirement due to emergency situations. We have reviewed your feedback on our initial survey. JFT, along with LFT and other affiliates affected by Hurricane Ida, will continue to work on a waiver of instructional minutes. There is strength in numbers!
Evidence and documentation are a crucial first step in these efforts. Please share your Hurricane Ida experience (and the experience of your students, if known). Let BESE and Dr. Brumley know how this natural disaster has affected your life and why waiving these minutes is necessary.
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