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Educators Can Get the Vaccine!

Over the last few months, JFT has been working with our state affiliate, the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, to broaden vaccine eligibility to include teachers and school employees. Today, the Governor announced that he would do just that: On Monday, all teachers and school employees will be able to start receiving the vaccine.

"This is long overdue. Educators have given so much of themselves this year. They've risked their own health and that of their families, not to mention the mental and emotional toll that simultaneous virtual and in person teaching takes their lives. This announcement feels like the beginning of the end of this horrible ordeal," said Kesler Camese-Jones, President of the Jefferson Federation of Teachers.

While this is an important development, it is still vital for schools to enforce mitigation measures like proper masks wearing, physical distance, and cleaning/ventilation protocols. The newest CDC guidelines released last week clearly state that the only way to safely operate schools is to follow a combination of mitigation strategies with emphasis placed on the universal and correct wearing of masks and physical distancing. We will continue to monitor safety procedures in our schools. If your school is not following the mandatory safety protocols please let us know by using the JFT Reporting Form.