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Drug & Alcohol Testing

What do you do if your supervisor asks you to take a drug or alcohol test at work? The first thing you should do is call the union to get advice. 

The school board, as a public employer, does have the right to require you to get drug and/or alcohol screening, but only in certain circumstances. The main circumstance is if they believe that you are impaired because of drugs or alcohol. In other words, that you're showing some visible signs of impairment. 

Can they randomly subject you to drugs or alcohol testing?

  • Yes -- if you are a custodian who works with chemicals, a bus driver who drives students or a security guard who carries a weapon.
  • No -- if you are a teacher or other school employee who doesn't satisfy any of those other conditions. 

What if your supervisor believes that you are impaired? You should ask them "why are you requiring me to do this" and keep a record of their response.

If you refuse the drug/alcohol screening, you could get in trouble under school board policy. If you get tested and you are positive for drugs or alcohol you're going to have a problem. Don't refuse, don't agree -- call your union rep.

Most importantly, do not report to work when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you believe you may have an addiction, here are some resources compiled by the Louisiana Department of Health:  

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