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"Effectiveness" factor added to salary schedule

The JPSB adopted a revised salary schedule March 5 for teachers, principals, and assistant principals. The new schedule meets the requirements of a law passed last year by the Legislature that requires school disricts to factor employees’ experience and “effectiveness” into their pay.

To meet these requirements, the salary schedule was revised in two ways. First, step increases will be reinstated, although  conditionally. Teachers will get a step increase after every year they are rated “Highly Effective (4)” or “Effective: Proficient (3)”. Teachers rated “Effective: Emerging (2)” will also receive the increase, but only up to a maximum of three times during their career in JPPSS. Teachers rated as “Ineffective (1)” will not receive a step increase the following year.

The second revision adds a stipend for teachers who are rated in the top two tiers of the new evaluation program (i.e.,  ratings of 3 or 4). Teachers rated “Effective: Proficient (3)” will receive an additional $200. Teachers rated “Highly Effective (4)” will receive $600. These amounts will be paid within 30 days of the certification of the effectiveness rating. Stipends will not be paid to teachers who do not return to work the following year.

Click here to read the disrict’s full salary schedule document, with explanations.